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Nutrients Management

Do you belong to the category of hydroponic grower who believes in proper management of the nutrients formula? Then its very important for you to understand the importance of hydroponics nutrients and accordingly use these nutrients in your plants life. Here are few tips for you that will help you effectively manage hydroponics nutrients and supplies for your hydroponic garden.


~ Use closed systems instead of open systems. Closed systems efficiently collect nutrients solution and reuse, unlike open systems, that waste nutrients solution. There is a large variety of products for closed hydroponic systems in comparison to open hydroponics systems.


~ It is advisable to not use A and B concentrated nutrient tanks. Use individual liquid fertilizers to make changing formulation easier and faster. This results in a controlled hydroponics nutrients formulation process.


~ Gather reliable information before you start building your hydroponics garden. Study different needs of the type of plants you wish to grow, the needed growing environment, and the amount of nutrients formulation needed during different growth stages.


~ With hydroponic gardening you have to ensure that you give the right kind nutrients to your plants.


~ With complete knowledge you can mix and match the available nutrients to get your desired results.


~ You can use a formula that automatically controls the pH balance for your plants to boost their quality.


~ Its very important for you to understand the water pH balance. Because of this, the nutrients you add will ensure faster growth despite the hard water. For instance, if your calcium levels are above 70 ppm, then you should add fresh nutrient to your nutrient solution.


~ In addition to your plants needing hydroponic nutrients, they also need essential minerals to grow rapidly. The three main minerals needed are Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. These are primary minerals; your plants also need secondary minerals to grow faster.


~ Some hydroponics nutrients can be easily tailored for speedy flowering, therefore do good research in advance to ensure that you get the right nutrient balance for the type of plant you wish to grow.


~ The nutrients you feed your plants decide their future growth and strength. Understand the nutrient needs of your plants to give them what they need. With the help of hydroponics growing systems you can directly supply beneficial micronutrients and macronutrients to your plants, in the correct proportions.